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Improving outcomes for young disabled people in transition

Briefing paper, case studies | March 2009

This report for a London Borough outlines current outcomes for disabled young people and their families in the borough, especially in terms of the transition from child to adult services, assesses the barriers to better outcomes and suggests practical proposals to overcome those barriers.

The study considers evidence from previous research by bodies including the Norah Fry Research Centre and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and information collected in the course of the work, via interviews with staff from both child and adult services, reports provided by the local authority and reviews of 11 case files.

Its broad findings are that opportunities for disabled young people in the borough are limited in ways that mirror the national picture. Specifically, it identifies nine barriers to good outcomes:

  • Delays due to limited capacity of transition workers, delayed allocation to teams and need for greater access to health services;
  • Limited monitoring and tracking - too many disabled young people may be slipping through the net;
  • Insufficient strategic planning for transition;
  • Lack of information for parents about transition;
  • The fact not all transition reviews/plans are person centred;
  • The reliance on out-of-area placements due to lack of facilities in the borough;
  • Lack of supported employment services;
  • Difficulties in accessing activities through lack of transport provision or one-to-one support; and
  • Funding difficulties.

Taking each of these topics in turn, the report first presents the evidence that demonstrates they are a barrier, then proposes a practical solution to each, also listing prospective benefits of the proposed approach, providing illustrative case studies from other authorities where the approach has been adopted, and raising additional questions around the solutions.

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