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NHSX reviews published on digital technology innovation and digital skills in Adult Social Care

Report | December 2021

NHSX, a joint unit bringing together teams from NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care to drive the digital transformation of health and care, commissioned Ipsos MORI, the Institute of Public Care and Skills for Care to conduct two related reviews about digital technology used in adult social care and the digital skills capabilities of the adult social care workforce.

The technology review explored the current use and effectiveness of digital technology in adult social care (ASC), the barriers and enablers to accessing and supplying digital technology, and the potential for future use of digital technology. The skills review explored the digital capabilities of the adult social care workforce, including current levels of digital skills, understanding of future need, and current provision and outcomes of learning and development.

Findings from both reviews have been published in one combined report. The report includes a detailed thematic summary for each review, with themes from the research and recommendations. The two reviews generated recommendations, relevant not only to NHSX but also to other organisations within adult social care and to those developing or supplying digital technology to the sector.

An executive summary is also available, which contains the key findings and recommendations for both reviews.

Key findings in relation to technology use and adoption and digital skills are shown in two infographics: an infographic for technology and an infographic for digital skills.

Case studies were identified as part of the reviews to gain a more detailed understanding of the adoption of digital technology and development of digital skills, using examples. These case studies are published on the Ipsos Mori website.

Both reviews began with a scoping phase, which included depth interviews with stakeholders and two rapid evidence reviews conducted and published by the Institute of Public Care and Skills for Care. The aim of this scoping phase was to confirm the objectives of the reviews and how they could be most useful to NHSX and the wider ASC sector. See the Ipsos Mori website for more information about the research methodology.

Fiona Richardson, Director
Fiona Richardson, Director

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