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Positioning Turnaround Services for Older People

Discussion paper | February 2010

This paper advocates a model for targeting health and social care provision in older old age called `Turnaround`. Turnaround is advocated in the context of older population changes which make it imperative that authorities limit the need for high cost provision such as residential care and intensive home care support.

The approach would aim to develop provision that lessens the likelihood of admission to hospital or care, or demand for high intensity community provision, through a holistic approach which focuses on improvement, recovery and rehabilitation.

Turnaround is presented as an interdisciplinary, flexible approach based on identifiable, agreed and proven methodologies, which could identify target populations with the characteristics likely to drive towards high levels of intervention. It could therefore promote the fullest possible recovery in a way that is most acceptable to service users/patients.

A three-level model of delivery is discussed, and the process is laid out in terms of the steps of 'recognition', 'assessment', 'intervention' and 'monitoring'. Suggestions for measuring outcomes are also made.

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