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Research on abuse and violence against the social care workforce - focus on personal assistants

| November 2014

IPC conducted a research project for Skills for Care to investigate whether workplace violence is an issue for personal assistants and what the main issues facing this group are.

The research included a literature review, review of relevant legislation and guidance, an on-line survey of local authority workforce leads, members of the Personal Assistants Framework Steering Group, Personal Assistant agencies and individual Personal Assistants , followed by interviews with a cross-section of PAs and other stakeholders.

There is evidence that although most personal assistants do not experience violence at work, it does happen and a majority of personal assistants have experienced abuse mainly verbal abuse. The perceived potential risk of violence is a concern, however verbal abuse is more of a concern for personal assistants than other forms of abuse or violence.

The results indicate the need for further work to look at existing models of practice and what support might be needed by personal assistants and their employers to prevent and manage abuse or violence.