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Shadowlands - Application and impact of eligibility criteria on young people with disabilities

Report, case studies | July 2008

This report estimates the number of young people with disabilities in England aged 18 to 25 who might be eligible for social care and support, sets out what is currently known about the application of social care eligibility criteria, and examines the issues these young people face.

The report explores the policy context in light of the fact that services for these young adults have been highlighted as an area of concern. Outcomes for young disabled people are discussed in detail, using research and case studies as illustration. Models of good practice are outlined.

The report finds that the transition from teenage years to adulthood is not an easy time for most young disabled people, and only some are able to access the help and support they need.

The report concludes that there is a need to review the impact of eligibility criteria, and for policymakers and commissioners to better understand the consequences for those deemed to fall below the threshold. However, it is also concluded that elements and examples of good practice for effective transition planning do exist - findings from these are summarised. The need for better data about young disabled people is emphasised.

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