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Team around the family self assessment tool

Tool | July 2012

This self assessment tool was originally prepared by the Institute of Public Care for the South West Wales Families First Pioneer Consortium and for individual South West and Mid Wales Partnerships.

It has been adapted after initial testing and it is likely to be of interest and use to partnerships in the UK concerned with reviewing the operation of local Team around the Family arrangements with a view to maximising their impact over time.

A total of 10 standards relating to Team around the Family (TAF) have been derived from the available UK research and best practice.

Against these standards, local partnerships are encouraged to score themselves on a scale of 1-5 drawing on local information and with reference to a set of prompts for scoring that are included in the tool. The self assessment exercise also encourages partnerships to go on to consider key areas for development and to agree next steps.

For further information please contact Katy Burch at IPC


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