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Think integration, think workforce

Report | December 2013

This report was prepared by the Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) supported by IPC. It was commissioned by the Department of Health (DH) and supports policy ambitions for improved integrated health and social care services in England. The DH asked the CfWI to contribute to strategic thinking relating to this aspiration. The report is aimed at workforce leaders and senior workforce specialists. It considers the implications for workforces of the ongoing drive to integrate health and social care services. It identifies clear steps to support workforce integration.

  • Be clear about the local integration agenda, including the various routes to integration.
  • Address the integrated workforce management challenge to ensure the right people with the right skills and behaviour are in place to deliver integrated services around individuals` needs.
  • Implement successful workforce change by addressing a range of operational and strategic questions by taking an inclusive approach.

Think integration, think workforce is based on a review of literature on the subject as well as interviews with sector leaders and workforce specialists, including a recent round table seminar which discussed the early findings.