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UK Seafarers' Demographic Profile

Report | January 2015

IPC has carried out a study into the likely future care needs of former UK seafarers for the Maritime Charities Group. The UK Seafarers’ Demographic Profile report has highlighted how the number of former UK seafarers continues to decline but the need for welfare services among them is expected to rise.

The oldest former seafarers are most likely to be the key drivers of demand for care and support services from the maritime charities which commissioned the report to help understand how to meet future needs. The report forecasts an increase in the number of former seafarers aged 85 and over.

There are currently 358,000 former seafarers across the Royal Navy, Merchant Navy and fishing fleets aged over 65. As well as being vulnerable to specific health problems and conditions associated with their time at sea, many will have limited or no occupational pension provision.

Changes to welfare and social care provision are also likely to create a range of needs for help and support among the adult and child dependants of serving and former seafarers. The number of dependants of ex-seafarers is estimated to be 687,000.