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Welsh Government mental health commissioning data set

Data set | February 2012

This report describes the information set required for commissioning services for adults with mental health problems and identifies data sources. It is intended to for use by a range of agencies to support good commissioning practice in adult mental health. The dataset is relevant to local authorities and the National Health Service in Wales and it is intended to support the development of joint commissioning approaches.

A key set of commissioning questions provide the structure for organising the information needed:

- What are the current and future levels of need?
- What is the capacity to meet that need?
- What is the quality, equity and outcome of provision?
- What is the cost of provision?

The report provides the context and background for mental health services in Wales and then details what should be produced, where to find it and why. Much of the information will already be available and this is detailed in the sources of information column.