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Outcome based commissioning – Social Impact Bonds


Since the first social impact bond in Children’s Services in Essex 2013-2018 and through the support and enhancements offered by the Commissioning Better Outcomes and Life Chances Funds which followed, there has been significant interest in commissioning for outcomes, particularly at the edge of care. The elegant simplicity of the 'payment for success' model can mask the complexity and challenges of the reality, from conception to commissioning and from mobilisation to performance and delivery.

There have been myths, suspicions and celebrations of this approach as well as interest in the key questions; how, why and even so what? Were outcomes any better? How did organisations stage themselves for social investment? Were the dice loaded for success or was risk really moved away from the Local Authorities? Was it possible to ‘game the system’ or were checks and balances in place which protected against high costs and low rewards? What governance and performance management is required? How can commissioning enable all parties to succeed so that the intervention is a win for the Local Authority, local people, the provider and the social investor? Or is this an impossible dream?

The aim of this webinar is provide an overview of the evidence regarding outcomes achieved by Social Impact Bonds, as well as to step through the process of setting up, managing and delivering a social outcomes contract at the edge of care from the provider perspective.


We welcome attendance and participation from colleagues who have been working in an outcome focused way in both adult and children’s services, NHS and Local Authorities.


  • Introduction and purpose of the workshop
  • What are Social Impact Bonds, how might they contribute to better outcomes and what are some of the conditions for success?
  • Presentation of successes, failures and practice lessons – A Social Impact Bond Provider Perspective
  • Questions and answers
  • Group Discussions

Guest Speakers:

Dr Tom Jefford - Having worked in Cambridgeshire County Council for over 20 years before setting up the social enterprise he now co-leads, Family Psychology Mutual CIC, Dr Tom Jefford has now been involved in four long term social impact bonds as an adviser and provider. Tom holds a doctorate in implementation science approaches to evidence based interventions and has also been a fellow at the Go-Lab. Tom is a registered social worker and an Associate at IPC

Paul Riley (IPC Associate Consultant) - Paul’s particular strengths lie in strategy development, service review and improvement, value chain design, partnership development and outcomes-based contracting. He has over 30 years’ experience across a range of sectors to improve outcomes, manage commercial risks, and reduce costs. During the last 15 years he has undertaken a range of advisory assignments at local, regional and national level for government, service provider and social investor clients. More recently this has included supporting Social Impact Bond commissioning from both service provider and commissioner perspectives.

Workshop format

The workshop will be delivered online and will feature a blend of presentations and smaller group discussions to enable participation by all delegates.


Wednesday 24th April


Microsoft Teams


This free and exclusive event is offered to the Academic Partners of IPC and accredited Alumni of the IPC Certificate in Commissioning and Purchasing and Purchasing for Public Care.

Invitations will be sent to Academic Partners directly, and Alumni members can register their place at the webinar via the IPC Alumni Online Forum.