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TMDP/MMDP Networking event Cardiff 12th March 2024 - details to follow

IPC is proud to work in partnership with Social Care Wales to deliver leadership and management development programmes for social care leaders across Wales. We are currently delivering our 38th Team Manager Development programme and our 7th Middle Manager Development programme. In 2023, we also began our Aspirant Middle Manager Development programme for people wishing to explore the step-up from operational to strategic leadership.

To celebrate the achievements of over one thousand Alumni, we are holding a networking event on 12th March 2024 at the Clayton Hotel in Cardiff. So please save the date, more details to follow.

The event will provide an opportunity to grow networks and connect with fellow Alumni from across Wales. Come along to hear about the new programme for Aspirant Middle Managers, and how the TMDP and MMDP courses have developed. You will also have the chance to participate in real-time action learning sets to consider current leadership challenges across Wales.

We will invite all known TMDP and MMDP course Alumni to join the network. If you do not receive an email, and you believe you are an Alumni, please email us at and we will contact you.