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Ageing Well Southwark embedding strength-based working

Ageing Well Southwark - which is a collaboration between Southwark Council and AgeUK - are developing a holistic and responsive ‘hub’ service for older people and their carers founded on a strength-based approach.

IPC have developed a self-assessment framework so that staff understand, and are confident, in using this approach in their everyday practice. The framework will articulate what effective strengths-based working looks like, analyse the responses, and then make recommendations to inform a development plan.

The outcome is that the Ageing Well Service has engaged positively with identifying and understanding strength-based working. They have identified areas for development that can be integrated into individual/team/service plans. They now have a self-reflection tool that they ‘own’ and can use for ongoing development activities.

Learning points which will be useful for consideration in future projects included:

  • Key is ensuring that a strength-based approach is modelled throughout the process, from structured engagements to informal information sharing
  • Taking a co-production approach in developing a bespoke self-reflection tool was important in ensuring that it resonated with staff and managers
  • It is important to give staff dedicated time to complete the survey and maintain momentum so there is a sense of pace and engagement
  • Linking development activities with a clear timeline to the findings based on the specific practice domains is important, and provides focus on areas that matter
  • Seeing implementation of the approach to improve and strengthen working relationships in the team and across different disciplines, teams and services by focusing on a strength-based working culture is important
  • Using action learning methodology to structure conversations in the group workshops proved to be a useful and effective tool in sharing learning experiences across team members.

For more details contact Philip Provenzano, IPC Assistant Director.

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