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The case for tomorrow: joint discussion document on the future of services for older people

Discussion paper | March 2012

This discussion paper, produced by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) in partnership with the Institute of Public Care, offers a timely assessment of the future development needed in services for older people.

The document builds on earlier ADASS research into the over-reliance on complex, acute care and relative shortfall in preventative, community-based provision. Specifically, the paper identifies the challenges remaining if a rebalancing is to be realised, and the interventions required from government to realise that aim.

The paper lays out challenges facing elderly care, from rising demand led by demographic change and the raised expectations of more proactive older citizens, to ongoing economic constraints, concerns about the capacity and quality of the existing social care market, and limitations in practice of the choice and personalisation agenda.

Specific areas are identified in which change needs to be achieved, including effective community-based prevention; joint working between health and social care services; varied housing provision; straightforward information, advice and access to services; and better support for carers.

Finally, the paper urges government action on six fronts, including:

  • Legislation that sets out what older people can expect;
  • Incentivising services that focus on community-based care, and promoting best practice in preventative care
  • Making sure aspects of the `choice` agenda, such as personal budgets and direct payment, work and are easily understood.
  • Impressing upon local authorities the importance of facilitating a thriving local social care market, while ensuring stronger national overview of quality and appropriate safeguards.
  • Investing more in social care.

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